Travel Information


  • Tourist Visas Some QSIC 2013 participants may require a visa to enter and stay at the People's Republic of China. The simplest way is to apply for a tourist visa, which should give the holders enough time to attend the conference and participate in pre/post conference activities. Invitation letters are not required for tourist visas. Please contact the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your region for specific instructions. The time to process such an application may vary, depending on where the application is made. We advise QSIC 2013 participants to apply as soon as possible if such visas are needed.
  • Business Visas If a QSIC 2013 participant has any problem in obtaining a tourist visa to attend the conference, please go to our online registration website (Section B) to fill your informtion.
    Obtaining the letter can be time-consuming. In addition, please be reminded that the letter can only be issued to registered participants. Please email the following information when requesting an invitation letter:
    • Name
    • Company/affiliation
    • Full address (with city, state, country, and postal code)
    • Email address
    • Fax number
    • Paper ID and title (if applicable)

We need 5-8 work days to process the invitation letter for business visa. Please contact if you have problems to apply a business visa.

Local Transport (From Nanjing Lukou International Airport)

  • Shuttle Bus (to Zhonghua Gate)+Metro (to Zhujiang Road Station, Exit 4): RMB 22 Yuan.
  • Shuttle Bus (to Zhonghua Gate)+Taxi: Approximately RMB 40 Yuan.
  • Taxi: Approximately RMB120 Yuan.

Local Transport (From Nanjing Railway Station)

  • Metro: Line 1 (RMB 2, Exit 4)-to Zhujiang Road Station.
  • Taxi: Approximately RMB20.

Local Transport (From Nanjing South Railway Station-High Speed Train)

  • Metro: Line 1 (RMB 4 Yuan)-to Zhujiang Road Station, Exit 4.
  • Taxi: Approximately RMB30 Yuan.

Visiting Nanjing – Social Event
July 31
Bus, pick up at Hotel at 9:00
Bus, drop off at Hotel at 16:00

View Spots:
Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum
MingXiaoLing Mausoleum
Zhonghua Gate Castle