The Symposium on Engineering Test Harness (TSETH)

TSETH 1: Efficiency
July 30, 10:30-12:00

Session Chair: Changhai Nie

  • José Campos and Rui Abreu
    Leveraging a Constraint Solver for Minimizing Test Suites
  • Cliff Chow, Tsong Yueh Chen and T.H. Tse
    The ART of Divide and Conquer: An Innovative Approach to Improving the Efficiency of Adaptive Random Testing
  • Yan Cai, W.K. Chan and Y.T. Yu
    Taming Deadlocks in Multithreaded Programs
  • Edward Y. Y. Kan
    Energy Efficiency in Software Regression Testing - A Comparison of DVFS Techniques

TSETH 2: Adaptiveness
July 30, 13:30-15:00

Session Chair: Rui Abreu

  • Changhai Nie, Hareton Leung and Kai-Yuan Cai
    Adaptive Combinatorial Testing
  • Elmin Ibrahimov, Jixing Wang and Zhi Quan Zhou
    Similarity-Based Search for Model Checking: A Pilot Study with Java PathFinder
  • Peifeng Rao, Zheng Zheng, Tsong Yueh Chen, Nan Wang and Kaiyuan Cai Regular
    Impacts of Test Suite’s Class Imbalance on Spectrum-Based Fault Localization Techniques
  • Cheng Gong, Zheng Zheng, Yichao Gao, Zhenyu Zhangand Long Zhang
    A Theoretical Study: The Impact of Cloning Failed Test Cases on the Effectiveness of Fault Localization

TSETH 3: Experiences
July 30, 15:30-17:00

Session Chair: Bo Jiang

  • Changjiang Jia and Y.T. Yu
    Using the 5W+1H Model in Reporting Systematic Literature Review: A Case Study on Software Testing for Cloud Computing
  • Pak-Lok Poon, Tsong Yueh Chen and T.H. Tse
    Incremental Identification of Categories and Choices for Test Case Generation: A Study of the Software Practitioners' Preferences
  • W.K. Chan and T.H. Tse
    Oracles are Hardly Attain'd, And Hardly Understood: Confessions of Software Testing Researchers

(R) Regular paper: 30 minutes, including Q & A;
(C) Concise paper: 15 minutes, including Q & A;


International Workshop on Testing and Verification of Embedded Computing Systems (TVECS)

July 30, 13:30-15:00

Session Chair:

  • Luxi Chen, Linpeng Huang, Tao Zan, Chen Li and Yiqing Zhu
    A Bidirectional Framework for Model Synchronization in Component-Based Software Development
  • Jiayu Luo, Ruiyin Huang and Xiangping Chen
    Automatic Validation of Design Decision based on Multiple Analysis Methods Integration
  • Yunwei Dong, Yao Cheng, Tingting Wu and Hong Ye
    On Schedulability Analysis for Embedded Systems with AADL Model
  • Xu Li and Linpeng Huang
    An Approach to Reliable Software Architectures Evolution

July 30, 13:30-15:00

Session Chair:

  • Zhang Chao, Bai Xiaoying, Li Junlong and Zhang Renwei
    Automated Test Case Generation for Embedded Software Using Extended Interface Automata
  • Yingqi Liu, Wei Li, Shujuan Jiang and Yanmei Zhang
    An Approach for Fault Localization Based on Program Slicing and Bayesian
  • Tan Lanfang and Tan Ying
    A Low-cost Fault Tolerance Technique in Multi-media Applications through Configurability


International Workshop on Software Quality Assurance of Healthcare System and Embedded System (SQHE)

July 29, 15:00-16:30

Session Chair:

  • Tse-Chuan Hsu, Chih-Hung Chang, William C. Chu, Shinn-Ying Ho, Nien-Lin Hsueh, Wei-Bin Lee
    Applying Cloud computing technologies to Gerontology and Geriatrics Health Care System (GGHCS)
  • Drew Williams, Mohammad Alam, William Chu and Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed
    Considerations in Designing Computer Interfaces for Elderly People
  • Delin Jing, Hongji Yang, Yingchun Tian
    Abstraction based Domain Ontology Extraction for Creative Idea Creation

July 29, 17:00-18:00

Session Chair:

  • Chia Hung Kao, Chun Cheng Lin, Juei-Nan Chen
    Performance Testing Framework for REST-based Web Applications
  • Nien-Lin Hsueh, Chen Pei-Sheng, Chao-Tung Yang, Chih-Wei Lu, Chih-Hung Chang
    A Mobile Centered and Web Service Integrated Approach for legacy eHealth Web Migration
  • Yingmei Wang, Jia Jiang, Hongji Yang
    Towards Designing A Quality Software System for Mental Disease Treatment through Artistic Painting Therapy


International Workshop on Quality and Measurement of Software Model-Driven Developments (QUAMES)

July 29, 10:30-12:00

Session Chair:

  • Lulu Dong, Hua Li and Sumei Zhang
    Workflow-based Modeling of Web Application and Automatically Generating Test Sequences
  • Beatriz Marín, Giovanni Giachetti, Oscar Pastor Lopez and Alain Abran
    Interaction Models Matter in the Evaluation of Quality of Conceptual Models
  • Weichao Luo and Linpeng Huang
    Supporting Reliability Modeling and Analysis for Component-Based Software Architecture: An XML-Based Approach
  • Jose Luis de La Vara  and Huascar Espinoza
    Dealing with Software Model Quality in Practice: Experience in a Research Project


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