CHEN ZhenyuName) Ph.D.


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Software Institute, Nanjing University, Nanjing 210093, China
Email: zychen@nju.edu.cn
Tel: +86-25 83621360-923 Fax: +86-25 83621370

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Professional Services (more) :
IEEE Transactions on Reliabilty, ICST 2017,SATE 2016, TSA 2016, QRS 2016, ICSE 2016 workshop, COMPSAC 2016
New Papers (more) :
  1. An Empirical Study on User-topic Rating Based Collaborative Filtering Methods, World Wide Web Journal
  2. Multi-Objective Test Report Prioritization Using Image Understanding, ASE 2016
  3. A Spatial-Temporal Topic Model for the Semantic Annotation of POIs in LBSNs, ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology, 2016
  4. An Empirical Study on Constraint Optimization Techniques for Test Generation,Science China-Information Science, 2016
  5. Guiding the Crowds for Android Testing, ICSE 2016-Poster
  6. Revisit of Automatic Debugging via Human Focus-tracking Analysis, ICSE 2016[Tool][Data]
  7. Mubug:a Mobile Service for Rapid Bug Tracking, Science China-Information Science, 2016 [Demo]
  8. Effective Software Fault Localization using Predicted Execution Results, Software Quality Journal, 2016
  9. Verifying Synchronization of Atomicity Violation Fixing, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 2016 [Tool]
  10. SITAR: GUI Test Script Repair. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 2016 [Data]
  11. Measuring the Diversity of a Test Set with Distance Entropy. IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 2016